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We can do this, but at what cost?

Barny Baker4 Comments

As an individual and a retailer it's very easy to be cynical but I consider myself a positive person and try to remain so regardless of the current dilemma. 

Board game prices have gone up, to the consumer and the retailer. The exchange rate is in a bit of a pickle. I wonder though, have production costs gone up in equal measure? Is game quality as good or better? Is this just a lot of questions? Yes and No. 

A lot of 'stuff' has stuck in my head lately, from the poker chips in Splendor being a lower standard in later print runs with the cost staying the same, expanded lines being frequently released/churned out* in lots of games (*delete as appropriate - I think this is wider than the Asmodee, FF, Esdevium chain and Wizkids' film Tie-ins), observations about competitor prices, Kickstarters pledge levels, shipping costs from various carriers and so on.

Games are becoming more expensive, the hobby appears to have an ever increasing variety of games that are vying for your disposable income (and credit - careful now). I would think It's impossible to measure any increase in 'fun had' or 'satisfaction of purchase', so (for me) it stands to reason that individuals are at the very least going to be more selective about how they spend their pounds/euros/dollars, therefore.... and here comes the burning question/s......


In your opinion is the quality of games available improving? Are there more of those 8+ out of 10 games or gaming experiences or is your favorites list still littered with pre-2014 releases? 


Then, how do you measure what that quality is? Components, replay potential, social moments created, theme/license, mechanism? It'll likely be a mixture of all sorts of things but what's really important?

Please leave a comment below. Enquiring minds need to know.

The obvious question was 'are they worth the money?' but we all know the answer is yes so what's the point in that...