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Barny Baker1 Comment

Who'd have thought it takes so much time to build up an online games shop?

It's been a really interesting first 3 months of trading. There have been so many fantastic games released or reprinted it's sometimes difficult to know where to look next let alone decide what to stock (or try to in some cases - I'm looking at you Hyperborea).

Our first event will be held in early April, an X-Wing tournament that will tie in (pun intended) with the release of the Imperial Heavy Raider for prize support. X-Wing is one of the products we'll be supporting most, along with Imperial Assault, Dice Masters and the continued backing of Kickstarters (Viceroy will land soon!!!)

Our trade stand is booked for the UK Games Expo in May 2015, I'm really looking forward to this and getting some gaming done in the evenings. Catching up with friends and chatting with anyone who'll listen is excuse alone to go.

Our Facebook page is getting momentum and there's some posts and shares from different gaming groups which is fantastic to see, we really want to get the Social vibe out there more and welcome content. When I say welcome, I really mean PLEASE ADD CONTENT! It's great hearing what people think on games as well as what you're playing.

The website still needs work (the picture resolution on products in particular), stock needs to widen and events need to be organised but it's not a bad start and we really do appreciate your support and conversation. 

See you at a Social soon!