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D D D Don't believe the hype. Unless it's personally aligned.

Barny Baker1 Comment

Isn't social media a wonderful thing? OK, maybe not wonderful but powerful. I like to think the boardgame community is mostly a supportive one where inquisitive minds can engage in playful banter while talking about one of our hobbies of choice. Social media has certainly helped propel the industry into the golden era we're currently enjoying.

There's naturally been a huge amount of buzz around Essen; it's a full time job keeping up with the latest releases. I think it's fair to say the marketplace has become crowded and I don't envy large publishers or independents trying to get momentum behind their projects. But how do you decide what your hard earned cash is going to be spent on?

Personally I like interactive games, I like games with theme, I don't like downtime, I do like games with a 'take that' element (not the band) and I 'quite' like miniatures. The hype surrounding some games takes on a life of it's own, I don't think many people expect 'the game to end all games' to appear. So 'what's your point Baker?' would be a fair question here.

I believe social media tends to bring out the radical in people, I also think that when any game is due to be released, it's natural to compare and contrast to what else is around. Whenever anyone manages to get their product in front of a large number of people it's an achievement, to get sales (or what is effectively pre-orders through Kickstarter) is a huge achievement, especially when the majority are basing their purchasing decisions not on gameplay experience but recommendations, reviews or track records.

So my point is this, I think its harder to be considered in opinion than it is to engage in extremes. If you're offering social media commentary there's no need to go overboard just because you can, unless that game is for a fact, the best thing EVER, like the upcoming Take That (and) party* game where players  infight, entertain groupies AND it comes with a 28mm Gary Barlow!!!! ZOMG INSTABUY LOL etc.

*insert disclaimer here, this is obviously made up