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Barny BakerComment

It's a Saturday night, I should be out playing a game or something I'm sure, however such is my dedication to getting The CCG and Boardgame Social up and running I'm home writing this.

I've been fortunate enough to play tournaments in many different countries, have always enjoyed the company of a diverse group of people and getting together for a game was a good excuse for a beer and a chat as well. I've thought about setting up a shop for a while and found myself in a position to do it.

I've been able to draw on the ideas and experience of my closest gaming friends to make my thoughts a reality and on November 1st, the plan will finally come together. The CCG and Boardgame Social will start trading and help people get more access to more games.

The website is all but done, stock is coming, events are in development, the Social Media has started and all with a week to spare. Like a game of Pandemic after a few turns where you've targeted a couple of diseases and players have got their plans together, what could possible go wrong?